Epilogue Photos was founded in 2012 by Steve Lim.

With the synergy and support of ex-media and experienced freelance
photography and videography professionals,
Epilogue Photos function as a photo/video company to provide turnkey solution for
all your media, advertising or personal needs with our team round the clock.

Steve is honoured to partner with this team of professionals
who specialises in various genres like corporate events, sports photography, ministerial VVIP,
wedding matrimonial, 
studio portraits, etc.
Epilogue Photos believes that the lens is the window to the world.
Pictures coming straight out from the camera tells the best story.
It is stories like these that you would want to keep for a lifetime and
its the best representation of memories created into pixels.

Epilogue Photos aim to be the leading photography service providers for corporate events
in Singapore by creating portfolios you will love to keep for a lifetime.

With a keen eye for actions and emotions of people, Epilogue Photos seek to bring different
perspectives to your event portfolios with our experienced photographers & videographers.